With summer around the corner, are your feet ready?

With nice weather and summer right around the corner people are becoming more active.  Good Feet arch supports can make it easier to stay active and be comfortable.

Danniel Sabo from The Good Feet Store joined us to explain how when the bones of the feet fall out of place, and in turn are out of alignment, so is the rest of the body.

The Good Feet Store is here to hep with certified fitters who are trained to personally fit arch supports that are uniquely designed to guide the foot into its natural "ideal" position and encourage even-weight distribution, along with proper alignment.

Arch supports can be very useful for anyone who wants to perform better, prevent injury, recover from activity, or even reduce pain.

The Good Food arch supports work with most shoes.  They also carry doctor-recommended footwear or you can bring in your own to try with their supports.

The Good Feet Store has three locations in Utah: Farmington, Sandy & their newest location in Riverton.

Find more by calling 1-800-NEW-FEET or visiting GoodFeetnw.com.

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