Firefighters from western US gather for BLM training at Camp Williams

LEHI, Utah – Firefighters from Utah, California, Wyoming and Nevada gathered at Camp Williams for training from the Bureau of Land Management on battling wildfires Thursday.

"We’re all receiving the same training, the same type of training, and standardizing how we operate out in the field,” said lead instructor Randy Turrill. “Our safety is our first priority. And that is a huge part of what we do. It’s soon enough to fire season starting, so it’s all fresh in our minds.”

BLM-Utah and its partners respond to 550 wildfires across approximately 148,000 acres annually and skilled engine operators are essential to keeping Utah citizens and lands safe from wildfires.

The fire engine operator workshop used simulated flames to help veteran firefighters prepare for whatever this upcoming summer throws their way.

"If I could impress something on these guys, is that they’re the next group of leaders – it’s a responsibility you know, you’re taking the next step," said Captain Nathan Wierwille who helped instruct the training.

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