See how a Utah woman makes her unique unicorn ornaments

Sarah Shepherd Wilson says her company's name Uniqornaments is that because it's unique and unicorns combined.  They're darling ornaments that can be hung on a decorative tree, chandelier or displayed on an ornament hook.

And, each one is carefully handmade and has a glittery gold heart inside.

Sarah joined us with a look at how she makes them, and is even sharing some  of her secrets.

Some things needed to make the ornament:
☆Clear Glass ornament ball
☆glittery tulle
☆super fine craft glitter
☆baking polymer clay
☆S6000 glue
☆gel super glue
☆fine tweezers
☆fake eyelashes
☆craft pearls
☆craft jewels (Sarah uses Swarovski crystals)

If you'd rather just buy one made -- just order one from Sarah.  They also can be customized to the customer's preferences.  For example, if you know someone who loves Lego's or ladybugs or zebras, even voodoo dolls, she can  make them!  Prices are $15 for small, $30 for regular and $50 for large.

Find her on Facebook and Instagram @Uniqornamenets or call her at 385-775-3126.

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