Sandbagging in Weber County a precaution as Causey Reservoir expected to spill this week

WEBER COUNTY, Utah -- Weber County Emergency Management crews placed sandbags along the South Fork of the Ogden River near Huntsville Saturday.

The sandbags were placed in a subdivision of homes that has experienced flooding in years past.

The county doesn't expect the area to flood again, but is sandbagging the area as a precaution.

"Causey Reservoir is set to spill in about three days or so, and the added cubic feet per second might give us enough water to over-top the bank right here," Lance Peterson, Director of Weber County Emergency Management said. "Traditionally it does this every two to three years."

As the rivers rise with very cold water from snow melt, people are advised to be very careful around the raging waters.

Special attention should be given to pets and children.

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