National Beer Day is Sunday but we’re celebrating early

National Beer Day is on April 7, but we're celebrating a few days early with Salt Flats, a local brewery that is family owned and operated.

Salt Flats actually started as a restaurant in Draper called Garage Grill.  It's still operating, and has 30 beers of its on on tap, but Salt Flats has also evolved to brewing for 100+ locations.  That includes Toscano in Draper/ Sandy that has 16 of their own beers on tap.

The flagship products of Salt Flats can be purchased at Smiths, Harmon's, Maverik's and more.   These include:

Salt Flats Hefeweizen- German Style, notes of banana and clove
Baja - Mexicana Style Ale brewed with really corn
Daytona- IPA very floral on the nose
P1 Pilsner- Hoppy German Style Pilsner, Light but tasty

You can also buy products at DABC:

Slipstream Double IPA- high point, very floral not too bitter, malty Double IPA, 9% ABV at $1.64 at DABC
Kilted Harley Scottish ale- Caramel notes, amber color, 9% ABV at $1.64 at DABC

You can find more at


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