USU football player charged with rape

LOGAN, Utah — A football player who signed with Utah State University last year has been charged with rape.

Lamar Anthony Dawson, 23, is accused of having nonconsensual sex with a woman he knew was intoxicated.

A document filed in 1st District Court Thursday indicates Dawson had been asked to bring a speaker back to the woman’s home, and he continued to exchange text messages with the woman after dropping off the speaker. Several text messages between Dawson and the alleged victim are documented in the court filing, and they indicate Dawson was aware the woman was intoxicated.

In one message, Dawson asked the woman if she wanted him to come over. The woman later agreed, but told Dawson not to expect sex “because I’m not in the right mindset to make that decision,” according to the document.

Police learned the woman had been taking a new medication which, when combined with alcohol, increased the intoxication effect significantly.

The woman told police she remembered various moments of Dawson sexually assaulting her, but she could not remember how Dawson got to her residence.

On the morning after the alleged assault, Dawson and the woman exchanged further text messages in which he denied having sex with her, the court document says.

Detectives interviewed Dawson, who admitted to having sex with the woman and claimed she initiated it.

“When asked why he lied to [the alleged victim] about having sex, he stated he was afraid she was trying to “pin” something on him,” the document says

Blood/alcohol testing on the woman indicates she still had .04 percent alcohol in her blood 10 hours later, and her blood/alcohol content could have been between .14 and .29 percent at the time of the alleged assault, according to the document.

Police tried to contact Dawson again on March 28, but were unsuccessful in locating him.  A USU spokesman said Dawson was suspended from all football activities after school officials learned of the investigation.

Last week, another former USU football player was sentenced to 26 years to life in prison for multiple rapes.

Watch FOX 13 for updates as they become available.

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