‘Inside Edition’ anchor Deborah Norville to undergo surgery for cancerous lump after viewer reaches out

“Inside Edition” anchor Deborah Norville says she is so glad we live in a world of “see something, say something.”

In a video message to her viewers on Monday, Norville said that many years ago a viewer reached out to her and commented on something she saw. “It was a lump on my neck. She said, ‘You need to get it checked out.'”

Norville said, at the time, she went to a doctor who said it was nothing – a thyroid nodule. But, she continued to get the lump looked at.

Recently, her doctor told her it was something more concerning – a very localized form of cancer. She will undergo surgery to have it removed on Tuesday, but Norville said she will not need to undergo chemotherapy or radiation.

“If you believe in prayer, please say one for me and for my surgeon and I thank you very much,” Norville said.

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