4 Tips to help parents of college students through “Empty Nest” phase

When Park City mom Liz Yokubison started the process of sending her twins off to college it rocked her world and she got sad.   It's known as the "Empty Nest" stage of life... and a lot of parents find themselves lost without their kids at home.

Liz decided to write a book, and it was just launched on March 1.  Titled, 'They're Ready, Are You? A Parent's Guide to Surviving The College Transition", the book will help through the entire process.   The book includes chapters on staying in touch and how parents can build a strong marriage as empty nesters.

Liz joined us with four tips for parents of college students:

1. Let Your Child Be Your Guide
2. Accept and Embrace Your Emotions
3. Adapt Your Parenting Style: Coaching vs. Managing
4. Reinvent Yourself

You can learn more at lizyokubison.com.

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