Zero Fatalities is the only acceptable number of deaths on Utah roads

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One moment can save a life, and one moment can end one.  We are the ones that can make all the difference.  And, Zero Fatalities is the only acceptable number of deaths on Utah roads.

Human behavior accounts for nearly all of motor vehicle crashes.  Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death for teens all across the country.  In fact teen drivers' inexperience and distractions make them responsible for 21 percent of all crashes in Utah.  But, when parents are involved in a supportive way, teens are half as likely to speed, 70 percent less likely to drink & drive, 2 times more likely to buckle up and 30 percent less likely to use a phone when driving.

Katie Marble fro Zero Fatalities says parent can make a big difference!  She suggests to start having conversations about your expectations in a vehicle and come up with a driving agreement that includes zero unbuckled, zero distractions and zero speeding!

There are five dangerous driving behaviors we all struggle with: driving drowsy, distracted, aggressive, impaired or unbuckled.

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