3 Questions with Bob Evans: Former NBA player and motivational speaker Lance Allred

He was born in a polygamist compound in Montana and went on to become the first deaf player in the NBA.

Lance Allred's life has been full of longshots. From his family leaving polygamy to playing with Lebron James in the Cleveland Cavaliers, to becoming a highly sought after international motivational speaker.

Bob Evans sat down with Allred and asked him three questions:

  1. As the very first legally deaf NBA player, you've had to overcome all kinds of challenges - ones that we may never even know, and ones that you're probably still discovering. What has been the most difficult challenge for you to overcome?
  2. Back in the day, life was hard. Communication was slow. Earning a living was sometimes difficult. Now we live in an age where communication is instant. We have instant gratification. And, in fact, we have the modern conveniences that make our lives really easy in many ways. How does true grit manifest itself now in people's lives?
  3. When you talk about love, you become emotional. Why?

The full interview with Allred can be seen below:

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