Investigators identify cause of Los Hermanos fire

The aftermath of a fire at Los Hermanos in Provo. Image courtesy Provo Fire and Rescue.

PROVO, Utah — Fire investigators revealed Wednesday that they have determined the cause of the devastating fire that destroyed the Los Hermanos restaurant in Provo.

According to a press release from Provo Fire and Rescue, the origin of the fire was determined to be the prep kitchen in the basement, and the cause accidental.

Fire investigators said towels used in all areas of the restaurant had been laundered and placed under a sink in the prep kitchen. According to investigators, these types of towels become embedded with oils over time.

“In the right circumstance,” the press release states, the towels can “self-generate heat until they spontaneously ignite into flame.”

Fire Marshal Lynn Schofield is quoted in the press release as saying these types of fires are fairly uncommon, but not unheard of.

At the end of the day, several factors came together in the most unlucky way possible, to create a “total nightmare” for the family who owns the restaurant.


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