2 Reasons to Try Partner Yoga and 3 Poses to Get You Started

Want to keep the love going after Valentine's Day? Jami Stillwell, LMT, CTPYT and owner of the Zen Spot says Thai Partner Yoga is the way to do it!

Here's what we learned:

Thai Partner Yoga is a unique type of massage therapy that combines traditional Thai massage techniques with assisted yoga postures. Anyone of any skill level can do it.

Everyone in the class will come away knowing how to connect and communicate with their partner on a new, deeper level. Also, one of the great things about each of the techniques we teach in this class is that both the giver and the receiver benefit. So there's never the debate of "who gets the massage first," because this is something that feels good for both of you.

The Zen Spot is hosting a couples yoga class on Saturday, Feb. 23 at 10 am. Registration is available online at zenspotprovo.com/couples-partner-yoga and is $105 per couple.

You can call them at (801) 368-8849.

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