Wellness Wednesday: Intermountain Healthcare developing app to monitor heart health

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SALT LAKE CITY — Eleven years ago, Steve Jensen was experiencing severe nausea and trouble breathing.

Deciding his symptoms were more than that of a cold or flu, Jensen went to the hospital — where he learned he was experiencing what doctors call a "stemi attack," or full blockage of a coronary artery.

According to doctors, Jensen was lucky to be alive.

"I can remember when all was said and done, they [were] just saying, you are extremely lucky to be here because this usually kills people," Jensen recalled.

Jensen's case is the exception. But the Intermountain Medical Heart Institute wants to change that.

The Heart Institute has teamed up with physicians and hospitals nationwide to study and develop a way to monitor patients before they actually have a heart attack.

They're working to develop an app that, along with hardware worn on the body, will monitor the heart at all times, giving the use control of results and the ability to take action if and when needed.

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