Snow causes tricky conditions in Summit County

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SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah — Travelers in northern Utah’s mountains encountered difficult driving conditions because of Wednesday’s winter storm.

Snow fell throughout the late afternoon and evening along Interstate 80 in Summit County.

“I got a lot of driving experience,” said Eric Levaux as he stopped to fuel up his car. “I would say this is as bad as it gets here. It doesn’t get much worse.”

He blamed the poor conditions on the storm’s timing.

“It was warm all day here and we got a bunch of water on the ground and then snow fell on top. That’s turned to ice and we got slush all over the place,” Levaux said.

Eric has lived in the area for years but rarely sees conditions get this bad.

“It’s crazy. People are fishtailing all over the place. We got some cars that can’t keep in their lane. The ground is not looking good and there is no traction out here right now,” Levaux said.

Before he left the gas station to head home, Levaux had this message for other drivers.

“Stick inside. Order in. Maybe get some pizza or whip up some macaroni and cheese,” Levaux said.

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