Utah Jazz player and avid reader Ekpe Udoh surprised after Michelle Obama responds to tweet

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah Jazz player and reading enthusiast Ekpe Udoh was surprised to be tweeted at by former First Lady Michelle Obama Sunday about his book club.

Udoh was promoting his book club and stated that there would be no voter supression on which book would be chosen to be read.

Michelle Obama tweeted at Udoh shortly after, asking, “do I get a vote?”

Udoh said he was impressed after being tweeted at by Michelle Obama.

“It was a great feeling,” Udoh said. “Who would think? Michelle Obama just tweeted out the blue, with no connections. It was special.”

Udoh’s book club, called Ekpe’s Book Club is meant to be “just a group of ordinary people that have come together to make reading fun while building relationships and getting to know each other,” according to the website.

Udoh has called himself an avid reader numerous times, and says, “If I can play in the NBA and still find time to read — so can you!”

To learn more about the book club, click here.

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