Boys discover gun near Pleasant Grove bus stop

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah — Two boys discovered a gun on their way to their school bus stop in Pleasant Grove Friday morning.

An Alpine School District representative commended the boys for not touching the gun and instead reporting it to their school bus driver.

“The bus driver immediately called the police and it was taken care of swiftly and safely,” wrote Kimberly Bird, assistant to the superintendent for Alpine School District. “Our boys, who reported to the bus driver, did exactly the right thing. They should be commended as well as our bus drivers.  I would also like to thank the Pleasant Grove Police Department for their diligence in helping to secure the situation. They are all heroes and we are lucky to have them here to protect us.”

The ages of the boys who discovered the weapon and the exact location were not disclosed.

A Pleasant Grove Police representative said the gun matches the description of a gun connected to a situation in which two women were held at gunpoint Wednesday night. It’s unclear whether or not the gun belongs to Nicholas Haun, the suspect in that incident.


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