3 Steps to an Impressive, DIY Mask, Perfect for Your ‘Masked Singer’ or Mardi Gras Party

Masquerade masks are quite popular this time of year because of Mardi Gras, and as of recently, viewing parties for Fox TV show, "The Masked Singer." Elaborate masks can be expensive, so we asked master crafter Ali Arbuckle to show us how to make our own, on a budget. Here's everything you need:

  • Plain mask, available at any crafting store or even Wal-Mart
  • Hot glue gun
  • Material to decorate the mask: Beads, feathers, ribbon, even an old deck of playing cards that you can cut up!

Simply heat up the glue gun, and - after drawing a simple pattern on the plain mask - cover it with your material of choice!

Find more tips from Ali by visiting her Instagram page, @lissyboowho.

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