Mitt Romney visits Weber County during government shutdown, where thousands of government employees are furloughed

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WEBER COUNTY, Utah -- Senator Mitt Romney R-UT was in Ogden Friday, meeting with Weber County commissioners, to talk about how the partial government shutdown is affecting members of the community.

Thousand of furloughed workers in Ogden have not been clocking into their positions, and are feeling the effects of the shutdown.

Romney said he is doing whatever is in his power to end the shutdown that he knows is affecting so many. Romney said that ultimately, it would take political leaders on both sides of the aisle to come together and find a solution.

"You know, there's that old expression that someone, can cut their nose off to spite their face, Romney said. "But that's not what's happening. They're cutting someone else's nose off and not their own."

Romney said the pain of the partial shutdown is being felt by all types of Americans, not just politicians.

"The pain is being felt by everyday Americans, by people here in Weber County," Romney said.

Weber County commissioners say they support the construction of the wall but are more concerned about the pain being felt by their residents. They said that some residents are being forced to apply for housing voucher programs, and find a way to feed and provide for their families through the utilization of food banks.

Romney said that during the government shutdown, he would try to be in Utah as much as possible.

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