West Jordan Police seize $30K in THC vape cartridges, $57K in cash

Courtesy: West Jordan Police Department

WEST JORDAN, Utah — West Jordan Police announced a major drug bust Friday morning, including the seizure of $30,000 worth of THC cartridges and $57,000 in cash.

According to a Facebook post from WJPD, police uncovered information leading them to believe a suspect was selling THC cartridges (which are used in vape pens) through juvenile suspects using Snapchat.

“This bust likely prevented a huge amount of THC possibly hitting our schools to be sold to juveniles. (Huge amount meaning about 1 million hits on a vape pen.),” the Facebook post said.

Police seized the cartridges and cash while serving a search warrant. Vape cartridges containing THC are legal for recreational use in the neighboring states of Colorado and Nevada.

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