Fight the winter blues with a Zen Den


We can end up spending a lot of time in our homes during winter, but instead of getting sad (or worse, Seasonal Affective Disorder!), create feelings of coziness and comfort when you're in your home! Scandinavians have a word for this: "Hygge." So I'm showing you how to accomplish this by creating a Zen Den with items you probably already own!


  1. Texture is everything! Faux fur throws, extra-soft clothing (like these butter-soft outfits [,15682852,flyout_activity_restore&clink=15682852] from Athleta) and shearling slippers encompass your body in comfort.
  1. Create spaces for moments of Zen: Place books and journals on side tables to encourage inspiring, entertaining moments - that aren't on screens! Put a meditation corner in place (a cushion and an altar containing happy personal items) to encourage reflection.


  1. Mood lighting: Salt crystal lamps and flickering candles create a cozy mood instantly!


  1. Sensual touches: Relax the senses with an essential oil diffuser (or scented soy candle), and easy-access herbal tea.


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