Internet angry after Utah couple posted on Instagram that they carved names into rock wall at Lake Powell

(Photo via Instagram) An Instagram post, of a Utah couple who say they carved their names in a rock formation near an arch at Lake Powell, has drawn criticism online from people accusing the couple of vandalism.

A social-media post of a Utah couple’s October trip to Lake Powell — and the moment they carved their names into the rock near an arch formation — has drawn attention from people wanting the couple cited for vandalism, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

The post, made Oct. 12 by Instagram user @aprildaisy_, shows a woman smiling at the camera while her significant other is facing a rock wall. The man is identified by his Instagram account, with the name Damion Sponbeck.

April’s message reads: “Cheers to tequila shots and fun times. @sponbeck29 Lake Powell was so much fun with you. Also thanks for carving our names in the rock under the arch.” This is followed by a double-heart emoji and a beer glass emoji.

April responded on the same post to one person’s criticism: “There was someone’s name under the arch in 1975. Plus a couple other hundred names.”

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