How to get practical on goal setting

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If you're already thinking to 2019 and the goals you want to set, we asked Blake Cason, a healthy lifestyle coach, to help us get practical.

She says, "We may have no experience at the destination or no control over ultimately achieving it.  Therefore, we may have no way of knowing how to start or make progress, especially if it is too far removed from our current situation."

Blake suggests to start small, where you are, and then  keep adjusting as you develop your understanding on the goal.  Build confidence and take on bigger steps, adding small-step details.

Hold yourself accountable through connecting with others.  Blake suggests to ask others about their goals and connect with others who are pursuing the same goal.   She says it's great to remember that we are all trying to do hard stuff.

Be compassionate towards yourself, which includes being gentle as well as firm.

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