Utah County man accused of threatening to kill his ex-wife’s family

Jared Luke Farnsworth of Orem charged with threatening to kill his ex-wife's family.

OREM, Utah — An Orem man is facing several felony counts for allegedly threatening to kill his ex-wife’s family.

According to a probable cause statement, 43-year-old Jared Luke Farnsworth made the threats on or around December 5.

Farnsworth’s wife had left him and moved to Idaho and blocked phone calls from him because of his repeated and unwanted attempts to reach her.

He then began calling the medical clinic in Idaho where she works.

She answered the phone in an attempt to make him stop calling and had a conversation with him.

When she made it clear the marriage was over, Farnsworth started making threats, according to the charging documents.

He told her he would “hurt her family and that she would see it on the news that night.”

Since the woman knew Farnsworth blamed her family for the break up she called 911.

While she was talking to an officer, another 911 call was made.

It was from a co-worker of Farnsworth who said he had just told him he was “giving up on life.”

The co-worker said Farnsworth told him he had a 9mm handgun and was upset with their employer and was going to go out by “sending a message” and that he was going to kill his wife’s sister.

Police located Farnsworth in Orem driving to his place of employment in Pleasant Grove.

A fully-loaded 9mm handgun was on the passenger seat along with 100 rounds of ammunition, according to the PC statement.

The company where he worked went into lockdown and so did the elementary school in Lehi where the sister works.

Police arrested Farnsworth and he was booked into jail on suspicion of several felony counts.

The charges include attempted murder, threat of terrorism, and stalking as well as the purchase, transfer, possession or use of a firearm by a restricted person.

The charging documents indicate Farnsworth had been committed twice for mental health hospitalization after two attempted suicides.


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