Get Kids off Screens, and into Nature with these Fun-Fueled Gifts

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Imagine waking up Christmas morning to your own four-wheeler or dirtbike! If it never happened for you, you can live vicariously through your kids or grandkids by surprising them with youth-sized ATVs, dirt bikes, and even a side-by-side for kids 10+!

If that sounds too pricey, Russ Steadman of Steadman's Recreation says the investment is worth it. Think about it, he says: Regular toys break quickly or kids get bored of them, yet an offroad vehicle gives its pleasures for years to come. Russ also finds that all-terrain vehicles tend to get kids excited about going out in nature, getting them off their screens, and into family time.

Speaking of family time, watch the video to check out an incredibly well-equipped side-by-side, that seats SIX people! Though it can bring thrills with its ability to climb mountains and tackle muddy trails, it's also a practical work machine when you snap a snow blade on the front!

Practical gifts make desirable Christmas presents, Russ says. He suggests regular snowblowers and electricity generators as the gifts every family needs.

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