Truck catches fire on I-15 in Weber County, heat from flames causes tires to explode

WEBER COUNTY, Utah -- A truck fire caused tires to explode on I-15 in Weber County Saturday, causing the driver to be transferred to the hospital with a possible broken leg.

According to Sgt. Lawrence Hopper with the Utah Highway Patrol, the driver of a semi-truck didn't realize that his emergency brakes were on, which caused the truck's axel to heat up and catch on fire.

The driver pulled over when he realized there was a fire, and attempted to put it out, Hopper stated. The heat of the fire caused the tires to explode.

Hopper stated that the driver of the truck was hit by debris when the tires exploded and was taken to the hospital for a possible broken leg.

The truck was carrying the soda "Shasta," Hopper said. None of the Shasta was destroyed.

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