Tips for a healthy holiday season

This week marks the beginning of the holidays. It can be fun and festive, but many face stress, anxiety, or depression this time of year.

Dr. Scottt Whittle, Psychiatrist, and Mental Health Expert with SelectHealth joined The PLACE with some tips for a healthy holiday season.

Dr. Whittle says it's important to think about the expectations we put on ourselves and be sure that what we are stressing about is really in line with our most important goals and needs.  For example, it's common to look at challenges we face with relationships, money, or our health that don't line up with our hopes or expectations.  Time and energy spent on those worries can become burdensome.  It my be better to catch ourselves doing this and actively choose to move our focus to something that we value more.

Dr. Whittle suggests using self care to improve everyday mental health.  That  means moving away from things that add to our stress but don't add to us as a person, parent or friend.  Taking good care of yourself can be as simple as using your time to improve your  wellness. To find the time it's best to be thoughtful about what we would rather not do.

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