Police in Roosevelt investigating after 16-year-old teen allegedly runs away with 24-year-old woman

ROOSEVELT, Utah — Police in Roosevelt are working on a case where a 16-year-old teenage boy allegedly ran away from home with a 24-year-old woman.

Det. Alan Tucker with the Roosevelt Police Department confirmed that he is working on the case, where Albert Vaughan Thompson ran away with the woman.

Ronna Thompson, Albert’s mother, told Fox 13 that she recently had found out that her son was engaging in illicit sexual activity with the woman, whom she identified as Allison Bird.

Ronna stated that Albert and Bird had been hiding out in Roosevelt until police began to raid homes where they were allegedly staying. Ronna stated that Albert and Bird may be heading to California, where Albert’s father and half-sister live.

Bird has three children, all under the age of five, that she left behind when she ran away with Albert, Ronna stated.

Det. Tucker said that the case is still active so he could not give any additional information on the investigation, or what charges Bird could be facing.

Anyone with information on Bird or Albert’s whereabouts can call the Roosevelt Police Department at (435) 722-2330.

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