Best Men’s Skincare Products for No Shave November

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No Shave November is a month-long journey where men eschew shaving for 30 days to raise awareness for cancer.

But it can be a hairy road for those ill-prepared to deal with ingrown hair, facial itch, and scraggly growth!

Derek from Olio Beard Co. recommends that you start with a beard oil - at any stage of your beard - to soften and feed the skin, and prevent itch and ingrown hairs. After you have growth, you can shine up the hair with a beard balm or butter, making it soft and manageable - not scratchy.

Josh from Salt Lake Barber Co. recommends coming in for a trim once your beard starts to gather some girth, taking it from "mountain man" to "mom-approved" with some shaping.

You can find beard shaving soap, combs, brushes, shampoo and even hair-growth serum at

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