Water buffalo killed in Moab after officials say it got loose, mortally injured horse

GRAND COUNTY, Utah — A water buffalo was killed in Moab Saturday after it allegedly got loose and badly injured a horse, resulting in the horse being put down.

Officials with the Grand County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post that Saturday evening, officers were called to an animal-at-large near Spanish Valley Drive in Moab.

The sheriff’s office later said that the animal that was loose was a water buffalo, which had escaped his corral and had broken into a neighbor’s property, “causing for considerable property damage which allowed a horse to escape.” The horse was later located and appeared to be in shock with significant injuries, according to officials.

The horse was later put down by a local veterinarian, the post stated. The water buffalo went to several different homes in the area, and reportedly got close to young children, officials said.

“The animal’s owner discussed containment options with the Sheriff’s deputies, however, there remained logistical concerns due to various limitations that caused for serious safety concerns,” sheriff officials wrote. “The decision by those involved to put down the animal was not easily made, nor made without considerable discussions.”

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