3 Questions with Bob Evans: Mark Madsen and Michelle McOmber speak on medical marijuana in Utah

Mark Madsen is a former Utah State Senator and medical marijuana advocate.

Michell McOmber is the CEO of the Utah Medical Association.

Both spoke with FOX 13's Bob Evans about the issue of medical marijuana as it relates to the Beehive State, and asked them three questions:

  1. Should patients who use medical marijuana be allowed to self-regulate their doses?
  2. Right now, the polls are swinging toward passage of Proposition Two. In the event that it does pass, what happens, from both of your perspectives?
  3. Canada is in the process of legalizing recreational marijuana. In eight states in the United States, it's legal. Countries around the world are legalizing recreational marijuana. Is that where Utah is headed? And if so, is that a bad thing?

The full interview with Madsen and McOmber can be watched below:

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