3 Easy Ways to Exercise While Doing Other Things

SelectHealth's fitness trainer Denise Lovelace stopped by to explain their new mission and slogan of "Health Is Beautiful."

She said, "We know that health looks looks different for everyone. Health can be really personal, or it can be something we pursue together. And when you face health challenges, you realize how important your health really is."

SelectHealth is a local health plan that offers coverage for everyone, from employers to individuals. They say they want to help everyone in the community live the healthiest life possible. They even offer fitness classes! Denise shared some easy ways to stay healthy.

"There are lots of easy ways to burn calories and stay strong. Some types of exercise can be combined with other tasks you already need to do. For example, you can commute by bike, or literally run your errands. Take a walk while returning phone calls. You can even get a great body-weight workout in while watching your favorite TV program; no equipment needed!" She said.

Denise put Amanda to the test, showing how to do a squat, which is a great workout for virtually anyone!

She also said it's worth it to put effort into stay healthy, because of all the side benefits! "Being fit allows me to participate in activities with my family and friends that I never was able to before. Having that freedom brings me so much joy, and I hope that sharing my excitement will inspire others to pursue an active lifestyle."

Open Enrollment is coming up soon for those who enroll on their own health plan. Individuals and families can enroll on a plan from November 1 through December 15. They can go directly through SelectHealth, talk to an agent, or visit healthcare.gov.

Questions? Call 855-442-0220 or visit selecthealth.org.

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