Try It Tuesday: Clothing Rental Companies

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Have you heard about people renting their clothing? Someone clued me into a company called Rent the Runway, where a monthly subscription fee gets you several clothing options to wear and send back!

So I tried it, and this is what I found:

-Plans start at $89 (it's $69 for your first month) and that gets you four outfits a month to wear and send back.

-Shipping is free both ways.

-I loved the fashion-forward options, ranging from fancy dresses to everyday tees. They seem to have a lot of availability of my size.  But availability dwindles as you get up toward 2X/22W.

I also tried a company called Gwynnie Bee, and this was my experience with it:

-Plans start at $69 (you get the first month free), which gets you unlimited outfits each month, but only two outfits out at a time (just send them back when you're done).

-Free shipping both ways.

-Clothing styles are more accessible; they don't have as many runway names but still have hip styles. The majority of the clothing is stuff you'd wear everyday. I found that a good amount of the clothing did not have my size - however, they do go up to 3X/24W.

The wrap-up:

-Fashionistas will find cute styles with both subscription services; with Rent the Runway being a little more edgy and Gwynnie Bee being more everyday chic.

-Gwynnie Bee gives you more outfits for the money, making you feel like you have new clothes all the time. Rent the Runway feels more like you have a statement piece to wear a few times a month.

-Both are better options than buying clothing! I loved that I don't have to wash or dry clean any of the clothes, and that if I don't like them, I can exchange them for free! There's no such thing as "renter's remorse."

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