District Attorney’s Office employee says she’s harassed at work for supporting her boss’ challenger

SALT LAKE CITY -- The race for Salt Lake County District Attorney between incumbent Democrat Sim Gill and his Republican opponent Nathan Evershed continues to tighten.

But a District Attorney employee says she's being harassed at work because she voiced her political views.

“Right now it ’s an environment of 'do what I say, not as I do,'” Wendy Glackin, Human Resources Coordinator for the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s office said. “That is not how you lead an office, especially one of this caliber.”

Glackin said she endorsed Evershed earlier this year, but it wasn’t until October that things turned for the worse.

“We had a debate for the District Attorneys and I yelled out to Sim Gill on our turnover ratio when he called Nathan a liar,” Glackin said.

The public fact-check was noticed, and Glackin was sent a written warning.

“I don’t feel a write-up should be able to be used against me,” Glackin said. “It shouldn’t be in my file because it’s retaliation for support for Nathan.”

Deputy District Attorney Evershed, also works for his political opponent, said this issue didn’t just come up conveniently because of the tight election race.

“It was their choice to write this up,” Evershed said. “They are the ones that made this story and we’re the ones that are now telling the public. The public has a right to know what’s happening inside the District Attorney’s office.”

But when Fox 13 asked District Attorney Sim Gill what exactly was happening in the office, Gill said county policy doesn’t allow him to speak about internal policy issues.

“But I also want to say that every citizen and every county employee, they can support whoever they want,” Gill said. “Whatever party, whichever candidate—we have never made any decisions based on that kind of support.”

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