2 Halloween crafts grandparents and grandkids can do together

Nina Lewis, from Grandmaideas.com joined The PLACE with two Halloween crafts that don't take a lot of preparation time for grandmas, are easy for grandkids to make, are inexpensive and are fun!

Spell Books

• Get a book from a thrift store.
• `Distress` it by hitting the corners on a table and then sanding the book edges.
• Hot glue on Halloween items (such as spiders, snakes, skeletons) from a dollar store.
• Paint the book black.
• Add a title using adhesive lettering.
• Randomly glue `spooky` pictures on pages throughout the book.

Apothecary Jars

• Collect empty containers such as empty spice cans, medicine bottles, baby food jars.
• Spray paint the container black.
• Print out labels (that are free on my website).
• Crumple up the labels (to make them look old) and glue on the containers.

Get more ideas from: grandmaideas.com.

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