Funding Our Future: 2 Ways to Fund Winter Repairs

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Winter is just around the corner, so it's time to start preparing for cold-weather home maintenance. Home damages and repairs can be a major financial burden - especially around the holidays. David Sant of Cyprus Credit Union stopped by with a couple of easy ways to put away money now, so that you are prepared for surprise winter expenses (or any big expense, for that matter!).

  1. Budget! "Make home maintenance a line item on your budget," Dave said. "Putting away something is better than putting away nothing!"
  2. Open up a higher-yield savings account for long-term planning, so that you make money on your savings. Check out the new Dream Certificate program at Cyprus Credit Union, where you get a higher percentage rate than a typical savings account, yet you don't need a huge starting amount like you would with a CD. All you need is $25 to open it! "If you open up a 12-month Dream Certificate, and put $50 in each month, you end up with a nice nest egg of $600 that has also been earning interest," said Dave.

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