With rain finally falling, Utahns are asked to stop watering

The Director of the Utah Division of Water Resources asked Utahns to stop watering.

SALT LAKE CITY — The Director of the Utah Division of Water Resources has a message for Utahns: “Stop Watering.”

“If you don’t live in Washington County where the irrigation season is longer, it is time to turn off that timer until next year,” Eric Millis, UDWRe Director said. ” We are in the middle of a significant drought, and recent rainfall took care of all the moisture  property owners need for the rest of the year.”

State leaders called an emergency meeting on the drought last month, and several water providers in the state have already shut down secondary systems.

“What people need to do is really simple: turn your timer to the off position immediately.” Joshua Palmer, UDWRe Water Efficiency, Education and Engagement Section Manager said. “16 of the state’s reservoirs are less than 20 percent full, meaning if we don’t have a good winter we will be wishing we had conserved more this year.”


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