Comedian Jon Lovitz visits Fox 13 to talk stand up, acting and generations of fans

SALT LAKE CITY -- Actor and Comedian Jon Lovitz is spending the weekend in Utah performing at Wise Guys Live Comedy.

Lovitz is most famous for his roles on Saturday Night Live. His character, the pathological liar, had a generation of people saying "That's the ticket" as they told crazy stories with themselves at the center. And his characters like the master thespian had them shout "Acting!" after doing something overly dramatic.

Since his time on the iconic late-night show, Lovitz has played roles in a number of Movies and television shows, including his own animated cartoon for adults called "The Critic."

"I think everyone when they're in high school or college and watch it, I think that's the cast for them," Lovitz said in an interview for Fox 13 News.

Lovitz entered Fox 13's studios with his six-year-old pug named Jerry Bruckheimer the Third, and settled into an easy conversation about stand up comedy, acting and his experience with a Salt Lake crowd the night before.

"I got a standing ovation which doesn't happen very often which was very thrilling, but they were really into it and liked my humor so you go thank God. you know," said Lovitz.

Then he paused a beat before adding almost apologetically, "Well you do your act and you hope they like it and they did."

Lovitz performs at Wise Guys in Downtown Salt Lake City on Friday and Saturday, September 21-22.

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