Former LDS bishop’s church membership ‘undecided’ following disciplinary hearing

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Church leaders from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints met with Sam Young Sunday, a former Bishop who has been protesting and holding hunger strikes against church policies for allowing Bishop’s to have one-on-one interviews with LDS youth.

“I’ve been willing to sacrifice my membership from the get-go for the real purpose of this movement,” Young said on Wednesday. “The real purpose of the disciplinary council will be to put the institution on trial.”

Published on the Church’s Mormon Newsroom is an explanation of what goes on during church disciplinary council.

"The purpose of any counseling or discipline in the Church is to help the individual to obtain the peace and hope provided by Christ's Atonement. It should not be confused with punishment," the church wrote in the explanation.  

Protestors walking around Temple Square Sunday said they have seen disciplinary councils end in excommunication or loss of membership. 

“Whatever happens as he comes out, we’re going to be playing that and singing for him, for all the kids, all the survivors,” said Mindy Burton, who helped organize the protest.

Cameron McDougle, who helped make the T-shirts worn at the protest, said they were told no decisions were made during Young’s church hearing.

“They’re just deliberating, and we don’t have a definite timeline of when they’re going to be making a decision,” McDougle said.  “As of right now, Sam is still a member and I’m assuming in good standing.” 

The Church recently issued new guidelines for bishops interviewing children, including a “protecting against misunderstandings” section, where, “parents are encouraged to be in an adjoining room, foyer, or hall."

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