St. George Police debunk social media post about human traffickers posing as perfume salesmen

ST. GEORGE, Utah — Police in St. George are spreading the word that a post about perfume salesmen posing as human traffickers is false.

St. George Police posted an image from a post that has been widely shared on social media, but they super-imposed the word “FALSE” in large red letters across the photo.

The post in question warned people in St. George about a group of human traffickers posing as perfume salesmen in order to trick victims into smelling chloroform. The post then states the unconscious victims are put into vehicles and trafficked.

St. George Police stated Thursday “There are no reports of this happening in St. George!”

The department notes that while they have had calls about perfume salesmen working in parking lots, their officers have responded to those incidents and have not found any information to corroborate the allegations made in the post.

The full post from police is embedded below:

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