Crews respond to two-alarm fire in Holladay

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HOLLADAY, Utah -- Fire crews are responding to two-alarm blaze at a home in a Holladay Friday.

A representative for Unified Fire Authority said crews responded to a home near 4500 South Russell Street.

The fire engulfed a detached garage and a camper trailer at the home,  and it also caused some of the siding on neighboring homes to melt and warp.

Keith Garner of Unified Fire Authority said firefighting efforts were exacerbated by the hot weather.

"The heat is always a big deal, it just makes us have to be more cognizant of everything that’s happening. Guys are having to rotate through and make sure they don’t become a medical issue themselves," Garner said. "So it’s something that we deal with, we plan for, but it’s definitely something that causes issues."

The fire also brought down a power line, but did not cause an outage, according to Garner.

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