Ogden police investigating ‘suspicious death’ near the 21st Street pond

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OGDEN, Utah -- Ogden police are investigating a suspicious death near the 21st street pond.

The body was found early Thursday morning in a heavily wooded area.

It's a popular walking area that connects with the city's parkway trail system.

"It's a nice area and it`s a nice walkway," Captain Danielle Croyle with the Ogden Police Department said.

The body was found right off the trail, and there was visible signs of trauma, Croyle said.

Investigators say there are a lot of homeless people in the area who may have ended up in Ogden after Operation Rio Grande cracked down on drug dealing and violence near Salt Lake City's Road Home homeless shelter.

"Due to the push that has come through on Salt Lake`s tenacious efforts on transients, we do have transients that have moved up to our community," Captain Croyle said. "We do know that people were camping out in that area and it`s not allowed for camping."

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