Protect LDS Children holds press conference after former LDS Bishop goes on hunger strike

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SALT LAKE CITY – Sam Young, a former LDS Bishop from Houston who went on a hunger strike in hopes of changing an LDS Church policy, held a press conference Monday across the street from Temple Square.

Young, who is on day 10 of his hunger strike, wants to bring attention to the LDS Church policy of calling lay volunteers to conduct “worthiness” interviews with church youth.

Young has posted 29 questions that have allegedly been asked to young LDS Church members. Young claimes the questions cause harm to children.

“I’m asking the church, I’m challenging the Apostles, just pick one of those 29 questions and tell us this is not permissible to be asked to our children, just one of them,” Young said at the press conference Monday.

Young stated that he planned to continue his hunger strike for three weeks, or until LDS Church leadership addresses his concerns, 10 Mormon Bishops supported his cause, or his wife asks him to go off the strike.

To read more about Young’s cause, click here.

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