With 99 days left, the Love-McAdams race is a nail-biter

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SALT LAKE COUNTY- With 99 days to go until the November election, Utah's 4th Congressional District race between incumbent Republican Mia Love and Democratic Mayor of Salt Lake County Ben McAdams could go either way.

The Salt Lake Tribune's last poll taken in June showed the race within the margin of error, with Love ahead by six points.

The poll showed McAdam showing strength among unaffiliated voters, winning the group by a two to one margin, which the Salt Lake Tribune's Lee Davidson says is necessary for McAdams to have a chance.

"There are actually more unaffiliated voters in Utah than there are Democrats, so that's one area he has to win and has to win big," said Davidson.

In the money race, the candidates had nearly the same amount in the bank, at just over $1.2 million each, in financial reports covering contributions and expenditures up to June 30th.

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