Police issue warning on dangers of hot cars for children and pets

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A newborn puppy at Loving Angel Service Dogs in St. George, Utah, November 2017 | Photo courtesy of Loving Angel Service Dogs, St. George News

SALT LAKE CITY – With summer in full swing, the Salt Lake City Police Department (SLCPD) warned the public of the dangers of leaving children and pets in cars unattended.

“We at SLCPD are warning parents and pet owners to never leave your kids or pets alone in a vehicle,”  a spokesperson for SLCPD said in a statement.

Police said the temperature in a vehicle may climb much quicker than drivers realize.

“Within ten minutes the interior of a vehicle can increase by 20 degrees,” the spokesperson said.

The National Security Council says that 37 children die each year because they were left in a hot car, SLCPD said.

Police recommended not to leave a dog in a sitting car if it is hotter than 70 degrees outside. If left in the car, the pet could die within 10-15 minutes.

“We would ask the community that if they come upon a situation and find a child or pet locked in the vehicle, they should immediately call 911 so that emergency personnel can quickly respond to the scene and resolve the situation,” the spokesperson said. “These deaths are 100 percent preventable.”

The video released by the police department can be seen below:

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