Grieving daughter on a mission to find her parents’ lost dog

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FARMINGTON CANYON, Utah -- A search party scoured parts of Farmington Canyon Sunday for any sign of a missing dog.

They're looking for a seven-year-old Jack Russell/Pug mix named, "Roscoe."

The dog was with Kevon Olsen when he died in an ATV accident in Davis County last month, and hasn`t been seen since.

Kassandra Olsen is the daughter of the man who died in the accident and she wants this dog home.

She believes it got scared after the accident at Francis Peak and ran off and is hiding somewhere.

For her, it's not just about finding a lost dog, but about an animal that offers a connection to both of her parents who have recently passed away.

"It will help me quite a bit because other than losing my dad 14 months ago, I also lost my mother to breast cancer," Kassandra Olsen said. "So the only thing we
have left right now is Roscoe."

The search party started at Francis Peak and worked it's way down Farmington Canyon.

Volunteers, some who had never even met Kassandra, showed up armed with treats and squeak toys.

Despite the long odds of finding Roscoe, Kassandra and the other searchers are not giving up hope.

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