Deaf puppy named Toffee rescued from 50-foot hole

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – It was a long couple days for Toffee the puppy while rescue crews worked tirelessly to pull her from a deep hole that she had been trapped in since around 5 pm Thursday.

After another long night of work, WHNT reports, Toffee was finally pulled out early Saturday morning.

“I still can’t believe she’s really out and she’s right here and I’m holding her,” said Toffee’s foster owner Karen Smith as she held close to the puppy.

“This is a miracle.  There were so many people sending me texts … I’m just so thankful to every person that came, that brought food, that brought generators and lights and, I mean, it’s been an amazing outpouring of kindness and sweetness,”  She continued.

The 7-week-old puppy was deaf and her foster owners say they didn’t even know the hole existed before Toffee fell in.

Rescue workers say lowering a person down would have been impossible because the entrance was only around 5 inches wide.

Toffee’s foster owners thanked the volunteers from the Paint Rock Fire Department.  Chief Finis Johnson says he originally saw the story on WHNT News 19 and called the newsroom to ask how they could help.  The team used a snare to get out the puppy.

“I’m an animal lover.  It’s good to know we can come out to help folks,” said Johnson.

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