Police in Emery County looking for vehicle tied to Colorado homicide investigation

A vehicle associated with a homicide investigation in Colorado. Image courtesy Emery County Sheriff's Office.

EMERY COUNTY, Utah — Police in Emery County are asking for help locating a vehicle believed to be somewhere in the San Rafael Desert, and they say it’s evidence in a homicide investigation.

According to the Emery County Sheriff’s Office, the “vehicle is directly linked to a homicide investigation out of Colorado.”

Police say the suspect turned himself in to authorities in Colorado and is behind bars.

The suspect gave authorities a map with two circles on it, one where the vehicle was located, and one where the body was located.

The body was in Millard County, and Colorado authorities worked with the Sheriff’s Office there and were able to recover the body.

The vehicle, another key piece of evidence, has not been located and is believed to be somewhere in the San Rafael Desert. Police say they have searched by ground and air for two days without finding the vehicle and say it may have been burned.

Police ask anyone who sees the vehicle not to touch or disturb it  “in any way” but to immediately call police at 435-381-2404 to report the location.

The sheriff’s office did not provide any further details regarding the homicide investigation in Colorado or the identity of the suspect or the deceased.

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