Chinese restaurant in SLC closed for violations including ‘mouse infestation’

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SALT LAKE CITY – A restaurant in Salt Lake City has been closed by the health department for violations that include a “mouse infestation”.

"I know we have a mouse problem and we take care of it," Kai Hing Ng, the owner of HoHo Gourmet said.  "Today, you can see we have cleaned it so clean."

According to the Salt Lake County Health Department, Ho Ho Gourmet at 1504 South State Street was closed Wednesday after an inspection revealed 36 violations.

The violations include a “mouse infestation in the basement preparation area” and numerous mouse droppings there and in storage areas. There were also open rodent bait stations stored in the service area.

Inspectors found various issues with meats and other food items being stored at the wrong temperature and said several surfaces were dirty and in some cases dirty food containers were being stored for use.

While he can't say the health department is wrong, Kit Ng hopes it will consider the specifics of their operation.

"We hope the Health Department will understand our different meals," Kit Hing Ng , who owns the building that houses the restaurant said.  "They are so complicated, that's why we are called Chinese food."

"McDonalds culture and Chinese culture is different," he added.

People who wanted to eat at HoHo Gourmet Friday were disappointed to find out the restaurant was closed.

"I just hope it opens up soon," said Brent Larsen who has been eating at the restaurant for ten years.

Restaurants closed by the health department may reopen after correcting the problems and passing another inspection.

The full list of violations can be seen in the document embedded below:

Health Department closes Ho Ho Gourmet in SLC by kstumarkgreen on Scribd

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