8 rescues in 1 week prompt search and rescue officials to issue warning about dehydration

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Stock image | St. George News

ST. GEORGE, Utah – The St. George News reported that Washington County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Division is advising people to bring extra water while outdoors.

Crews completed eight rescues last week, with the majority of them being due to dehydration.

On average, half of the search and rescue calls during June, July, and August, the hottest months in Southern Utah, are due to dehydration from hikers getting lost or wandering off, said Sgt. Darrell Cashin, liaison for Washington County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Division.

“How many times do people have to realize that it’s summer,” he said. “It’s hot.”

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Washington County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue teams navigate steep cliffs during a rescue near Veyo, Utah, March 10, 2018 | Photo courtesy of Washington County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue, St. George News

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