Known gang member, fugitive captured in Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY - A known gang member and wanted fugitive is in custody after US Marshals found him hiding out in the Glendale area overnight.

US Marshals followed 39-year-old Joey Ortega while he drove around with a young boy for hours.

Ortega stopped at a gas station where a woman got into the car; that's when the US Marshals made their move.

"We ended up converging around the car and eventually we got him called out of the car," US Marshal Derryl Spencer said. "As soon as we got him out we spotted a gun so we ended up getting the female out."

As a convicted felon, US Marshals said Ortega is not supposed to have a gun.

US Marshals said Ortega is a sex offender, known gang member, distributor of narcotics and parole fugitive.